In the process of testing our new wallpaper, we made some incredible discoveries. Purbeck Wallpaper can be used again and again. Easily removed and easily put back up.

We know that the wallpaper itself has adhesive already applied to the back of the paper which removes the messy task of using any paste. The added adhesive is easily activated by using only water enabling us to hang the wallpaper and even remove it. After hanging the wallpaper on a wall that was not completely prepared or primed incorrectly, we later discover a few blisters beneath the wallpaper.

A week after the wallpaper had set, we decided to try and rehang the wallpaper.

Using only water, we drenched the top of the wallpaper which allowed us to start peeling back each strip. A spray bottle was really useful for this. Once fully removed, we were able to address the surface of the wall making sure that it was fully prepared and completely smooth without any lumps or bumps.

Rehanging the wallpaper was as simple as removing it. After bathing the wallpaper in a trough of lukewarm water for at least 15 seconds, reactivating the adhesive, we were able to rehang the wallpaper. It’s important to add that the wallpaper can’t be too wet! Wetter the better!