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Dragon’s Teeth at Bramble Bush Bay

£40.00 per square metre

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Cissa Rego

Cissa Rego, originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, moved to England in 2012 and since then he’s been capturing the incredible landscapes of the southwest coast. During his time in the industry, he’s done family portraits, weddings, newborn and street photography as well as photo journalism.

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The story behind this wallpaper

Once an important part of English defences, Dragon’s Teeth at Bramble Bush Bay is now a beautiful landmark, hidden from the bigger crowds that visit Studland every day. It is the perfect place for a little walk right after coming off the ferry or to sit down and watch the sunset.

About the wallpaper

Purbeck Wallpaper is a unique product that does not need any paste in order to hang your wallpaper. The rolls of paper come with adhesive already applied that’s activated by water. It is very important that surfaces are smooth and are not painted with products that repel water or grease.

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