First Light £40.00 per square metre

First Light

£40.00 per square metre

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Brian Terrey

Brian is a keen enthusiast, who has had an interest in photography for more than 30 years. He was self-taught on a 35mm SLR camera, a few years before digital sensors were around. Brian has had numerous shots in local and national press, including 'The Times' and 'The Mail' and has had his work used on numerous websites, TV weather channels and advertising.

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The story behind this wallpaper

A very deep and intense sunrise taken at Swanage this summer. The heat from the sun was incredible and was felt the instant the sun broke the horizon.

About the wallpaper

Purbeck Wallpaper is a unique product that does not need any paste in order to hang your wallpaper. The rolls of paper come with adhesive¬†already applied that’s activated by water. It is very important that surfaces are smooth and are not painted with products that repel water or grease.

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