Golden Light Emmetts Hill £40.00 per square metre

Golden Light Emmetts Hill

£40.00 per square metre

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Penny Slacke

I’ve lived in the Isle of Purbeck for most of my life and even when away it is always in my heart! Growing up in Swanage gave me my love of the sea and appreciation of the quality of light. Straight down to Buckshore after school for a swim or out walking the cliff path. I still love walking along the coast and seeing the change of seasons. These days always with my camera and tripod to hand.

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The story behind this wallpaper

By the end of September, the sun sets virtually opposite this viewpoint, almost in line with a natural gateway formed of rocky outcrops on Emmetts Hill.  A good place to set up the tripod. By taking a series of long exposures as the light faded, I captured the movement of the clouds from the west during sunset and into twilight.

About the wallpaper

Purbeck Wallpaper is a unique product that does not need any paste in order to hang your wallpaper. The rolls of paper come with adhesive already applied that’s activated by water. It is very important that surfaces are smooth and are not painted with products that repel water or grease.

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